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Are you looking to transfer Verizon Email to AOL?

Verizon is a well-known company, it is located in the United States. This is a telecommunication company and a range of mobile services and server for all its users. Verizon made announcements in 2017 that want to stop their email services because that want to keep focusing on their another service as well as emails. Because they want to provide their better services for their users. According to their announcement and regarding their discontinuation email service. Verizon encouraged the all email subscriber to migrate Verizon email to AOL and other email service provider.

Migrate Verizon Email To AOL

If you also want to migrate Verizon email to AOL or other email service provider so, this article only for you. Here we mentioned some easy and very important points which you have to follow for transferring your account to another emails provider.Migrate Verizon email to aol

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For transferring the Verizon account to another emails platform first, you need to make a log in the old account on the “Verizon Email Page” as well as login onto the page of “AOL”.

If you are unable to log in the account on Verizon, then you should call on Verizon customer phone number and talk with the technical person and tell the issue whichever you are facing. Though, ensure that the all given point should be following by you properly with the same guidance and as well as your account should be registered on AOL. If this will not happen then you may be lost your all previously stored data from your Verizon old account if once you will make the deadline pass.

Steps to Migrate Verizon Email To AOL

You need to follow the all given point for stopping your Verizon emails because according to the announcements Verizon has alerted their all users to transfer their emails to another or AOL emails service provider. Please follow it and transferring your account easily:

  1. Open the website of on any browser and when it will open and the login page will show you please log in the old account.
  2. Now, go to on Inbox folder and hit that for opening. When that will open then see any message has come from Verizon.
  3. If you will see the message has come already so please click the given link and follow all steps which are given on the option of migration.
  4. Keep continuing and proceed as well as.
  5. The option 1 please read which keeps your recent email account and save all previous data.
  6. Now, check the second option whichever be showing and read that “Make a new and fresh emails provider.
  7. For making transfer success of Verizon to another email accounts please choose the 1 option.
  8. If you will get the success it means the process of migrating Verizon email to AOL after, the process of registration of AOL Emails will be started automatically.

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After completing all sources of migrating Verizon email to AOL which that have asked before from you. You can sign in the Verizon emails account on new Aol or another email account where you made the transfer before. During registering the account on AOL as well as you will get the permission to access all contacts which related the emails of Verizon. As well as the folders of email and calendar you can use on AOL. Once the user will transfer their Verizon account on another service than their all previous important data which kept on their old Verizon account that will be migrated on their new user account whatever they are using.

Verizon Customer Help Support

If the users are facing trouble to migrate Verizon email to AOL or another email provider platform. So, for making it easier, the users can contact with the Verizon customer help support. For contact with the technicians of Verzion, the users can dial in their Verizon customer phone number once. Because the customer helpline services are always online 24*7 for their customer.