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How To Uninstall McAfee Labs Stinger?

How To Uninstall McAfee Labs Stinger

There are two procedures to uninstall mcafee antivirus: manual (not recommended) and automatic (simple).


uninstall mcafee

Delete McAfee Labs Stinger manually

First of all, this tool is marketed by McAfee Labs, with the official website The executable is approximately 11.44 Mb for the McAfee Labs Stinger version and it is an antivirus.

Open the control panel.

  • If you have Windows 8, go with the mouse to the lower right corner of the monitor, scroll up and click Settings and then Change PC settings.
  • With Windows 7 or earlier, go to Start and then Control Panel.
  • For Windows 10, right-click on Start and then Control Panel.

Go to Uninstall a program and you will see a list of programs to select from. Right click on McAfee Labs Stinger and continue with uninstall.

At this point, you just have to continue with the simplified procedure and in a few minutes you will have eliminated McAfee Labs Stinger.

But you're not done! To completely delete, open the registry editor:

  • For Windows 8, press WIN + R and type regedit.exe
  • If you have Windows 7 or older, move to Start, Run and enter regedit
  • For Windows 10, go to the start box and enter regedit

At this point, click Edit> Find> McAfee Labs Stinger and delete all the matches obtained, being careful not to make mistakes.

It is clear that this guide is often not enough, given that some software saves files in places that the basic Microsoft Windows system does not include in the deletion.
The sets of files progressively take away several Giga and your HDD will fill up quickly without being able to free it.

If you do not want to suffer this, you must delete all the data installed by McAfee Labs Stinger, including those present in the registry.

By practicing these actions personally you could delete indispensable files or registry data which, if not present, will cause Windows to crash and very serious unwanted problems.

Remove McAfee Labs Stinger automatically safely?

Some specialized tools are available on the market that automatically delete the invisible data and the registry keys of McAfee Labs Stinger, the famous antivirus and without risking to delete the system data.

With intuitive and affordable graphics, they allow you not to waste a lot of time and not to risk that Windows does not work properly. Call McAfee Antivirus Support to get the solution for the problem you are facing. 

Windows7 Build 7601 This copy is not authentic

‘I tell you .. a neighbor asked me for my opinion on Windows 10 and was hesitant in accepting the proposal to drop his Windows 7 which worked very well and catapult himself on the new avant-garde system with a lot of Cortana at his service and mine and ‘response was not to leave the old way for the new one, especially for the fact of not having trouble … but however there was always the way out within the month of the new application with all the assumptions of loss of some file..the good neighbor then closing his eyes and ears downloaded Windows 10.


windows not genuine

Bon … apart from some small flaws especially on Cortana’s services, on icons that disappeared from the tray bar and on programs that could not be adapted to the new system, this variation was acceptable

Happy and unhappy he continued bypassing the month, except that with each update (4 of which have passed, one of which was substantial) some inconveniences came out to the point that he was led to restoring his old Windows 7.

Here comes the drama … moving saints and animals he found himself to the annoying problem related to his Microsoft license and the sentence in question

BUILD 7601 This copy of windows is not authentic

appeared first on the big screen and then in small right at the bottom near the clock without any possibility of removal .. now the fact is normal if the copy was cracked but the unpleasant is when this news appeared on him that he had regularly purchased the wondering why he had been accused of such illegal behavior he asked for help and from here came the today’s post suitable for both him and those like him have dropped petioles to buy this Microsoft program.


Usually, this happens when you reinstall the operating system after formatting the hard drive. It is not known why, but evidently, Windows believes that it is not in the right place, that it has been « kidnapped », « counterfeited », and therefore reports it to the user.

Nice problem. But is there a solution?

Of course! We have more than one that can act and for now, I will discard the cracking posted at the bottom and indicate the various systems ..

You are ready? Are you hot? Come on …

Follow the steps given on the blog to fix windows 7 is not genuine.

Error: Printer (Not Responding)!!! What do I do??

Imagine the horror; when you have to catch a flight in an hour and your printer won’t print your ticket! You have no choice, but to leave with the e-ticket on your phone, and hope they let you fly!
No worries! I am here to help you, solve one of the major threats to our modern generation – the printer not responding error!
Let’s look at the possible printer issues and fixes.

Are you up to date?

Let’s start simple and check if the Windows is updated.
Go to your Settings > Update & Security> Check for updates
Allow the updates to download and retry printing; if your windows is updated, scroll down for the next solution.

Are your connections good?

A rookie mistake; ensure all your wires are plugged in correctly. When using a wireless printer, ensure you’re connected to the correct network.

How strong is your firewall?

Wireless printers can sometimes show not responding errors, due to interference of your Antivirus software. You could either disable the software or uninstall it and look for new and better  Antivirus software. Try printing once again, if the problem persists, read on!


Printer Support

Are your drivers updated?

Right-click on Start button > Device Manager> Printer; from the drop-down menu, right-click on the printer you wish to use and select Update Driver. Don’t worry; if the printer is still not responding, we have more solutions, just keep scrolling, my friend!

Where there’s trouble; there’s also  troubleshoot

Your Windows is kind enough to help you solve your troubles; so why not accept them with open arms?
Go to Settings> Update and security > Troubleshoot > Printers > Run Troubleshoot
After the troubleshoot completes; retry printing your documents. If the issue still exists, be at ease; this article is not finished yet.

Know your default printer!

It’s important to check if you have set the printer you wish to use; as your default printer! To ensure this; go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers> right click on the printer you wish to use >Set as Default Printer.

Ever heard of  Print Spooler Service? Me neither!
Well; even if we have never in our lives heard of this; apparently your windows think it important for printing. So, let’s help out our dear Windows here, shall we?
Look for Services app on Cortana>Print Spooler (Yup! It really does exist) > Change startup type- to Automatic. If it’s already selected, choose Stop and then Start again after some time. Ensure to Apply your changes.

Configuration issues? Let’s hope so! It’s all I have got to help!
Last but not the least; your printer might have a configuration problem. Well, Let’s get to it and say all our prayers.
Go to Control Panel> Devices and Printers> right click on the printer you wish to use >Printer Properties > Ports > check if the correct port has been selected. The printer details column will help you identify if the printer of choice is selected.

I hope this article helped; if not I am sure you’re already searching the web for other solutions; may the force be with you!

How to speed up your slow Mac?

How to speed up the slow Mac that has become so because of age or for not really appropriate use? The unpleasant feeling that the computer – fixed or portable – loses performance perhaps shortly after purchase. The reasons can vary and range from tired hardware – and therefore improvement – to an internal space that is running out, suffocated by useless programs. But nothing is unrecoverable with a little patience, also thanks to features already prepared by the operating system or by third parties.


mac running slow

We have compiled a collection of twelve tips to follow to try to bring the Mac back to almost new, with minimal slowdowns and an experience optimized to the best for personal needs. Dutiful premise: speeding up a dated Mac is possible, but one cannot think that it can compete with the latest models by supporting all the latest versions of the heaviest programs.

1) Update the operating system

As already seen also for the advice for speed up iPhoneAndroid and Windows, the first and necessary step is to update the operating system to the latest version available.

The latest OS release, in fact, optimizes performance, fixes bugs, increases safety and decreases battery consumption.

As is natural, for a software update, space is required on the internal memory and before carrying out the procedure it is always recommended (read mandatory, to avoid risks) to proceed with a complete backup of all contents.

If you have not received (and ignored) the notification of the availability of the new os, to update the Mac just click on the top left on the apple and on Information on this Mac. At the bottom right of the window is a Software update and the game is done.

You can set automatic updating from System Preferences> App Store and tick Install OS X updates

2) Delete unnecessary software

The second step is to make a good purge of all software that is not needed and that does nothing but take-up memory unnecessarily. These are ballasts that must be canceled as soon as possible.

From the Finder go to Applications and check the list manually. Sincerely ask yourself « Do I need it? » And « How many times have I used it in the last month and year »? Once you have located the targets, highlight the folder with a click and choose the Move to Trash option from the menu. Or drag the icon to the trash directly. For some programs, the system password may be required.

You can be assisted by a free app (with in-app expansions) external called App cleaner & Uninstaller which facilitates everything and which also deletes files and folders attached to the program.

3) Update software and applications

After cleaning, the same applies to update the remaining applications and software. It is always better to go to the latest version available so as to guarantee greater optimization and safety.

You can proceed from the App Store if they have been downloaded from there or otherwise by opening the app, clicking on the name at the top left and on Check for Updates.

Even for apps, you can always set the automatic update from System preference> App Store with a tick on Install app updates. It does not apply to those downloaded externally.

4) Check the running software and close the ones you don’t need

How many software is running on your Mac right now? Hold down the command key and the tab key and a window will open ( App Switcher ) with the icon list, in which you can move by holding down command and clicking on the tab.

To close the unwanted ones, use the command and the « Q » key. If you have any problem closing the apps you can perform a forced shutdown from Apple and Forced exit.

5) Check for software that uses more memory

As an additional level of cleanliness of the software, at least on those that remained during the gradual skimming, it is better to take advantage of Activity Monitoring, which is found in the Applications> Utilities or more easily is called from the spotlight with command + space bar and starting to write the word monitoring.

From here, click on View> Processes with Window to thin out the list to what is most urgent and least dangerous to stop. With a click on CPU and on « % CPU, » you will discover the most demanding software.

If you have identified one to close, you must highlight it with a click and then pressing on the X. A heavy request for resources could be an indicator of software that needs to be updated (see point 3).

6) Erase everything you don’t need

A lean and light computer will benefit in speed consistently. In addition to the useless apps, a good job of cleaning files must also be done. You can click on the Apple and Information on this Mac and then on the Archive tab to get a quick overview of the saved files and what type.

Having seen the situation, it is advisable to move forward in layers. The first is to open the Downloads folder and get your hands in your hair for how much useless stuff you are keeping. It will take some time, but it will serve. The second monster folder is Desk.

After the first manual pass, you can resort to the help of third-party software that accompanies in the identification and elimination of the ballast. Dr Micro Cleaner by Trend Micro is a free solution (with in-app expansions) to bet on because it easily discovers junk files, duplicates and utilities that are no longer such.

At the same time, the program informs about the use of CPU and real-time memory. The big files option, as the name suggests, highlights the gargantuan documents that have taken root in the hard disk. Useful quick links to clean email and browser caches and temporary iTunes files.

A possible alternative, free, very similar is Elite Version.

7) Save photos, videos, and documents to the cloud

As can be foreseen, photos and videos together with particularly heavy documents can be felt on the scales of the GB. The advice is always to keep only the files you really need going to make a constant and safe saving on the cloud.

You can take advantage of the proprietary iCloud service that offers 5gb of space for free. But just sign up for some other platform to increase memory on the clouds. The names are always the same:

Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google’s Drive (if you use an Android do not save your photos on the Mac but use Google Photos which is unlimited up to 16 megapixels and full HD) as well as Dropbox.

8) Check for viruses or malware

Everyone says the Mac is safe from viruses or malware, but that’s not true at all. Speeding up the Mac is also possible to freeing it from any unwanted presences that occupy important resources for illicit and dangerous purposes.

There are several paid and free solutions. We highlight the light and complete tool called Malwarebytes which scans and proposes solutions to remove these uninvited guests.

9) Check System Preferences

Open System Preferences (the icon is the gear icon) and check the bottom row. It is occupied by installed applications such as Flash Player. If they are numerous and if they are rarely used, it would be better to consider eliminating them since they only occupy important resources for the system.

To do this, you will have to right-click and then select Remove from the preferences panel.

10) Clear the caches

With the combination Command + Shift + G and typing ~ / Library / Caches / you will immediately have an eye on the situation of the cache or of the memory that is used to quickly recover files and the software in anticipation of imminent use.

Easily, there will be heavy numbers in correspondence with browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), music programs such as Spotify and iTunes itself as well as Google Earth. You can go and delete these files, especially for not very used apps.

11) Restrict programs that open on startup

The programs that open when the computer starts can weigh it down, especially if you do not need it. To check which can have this privilege you can open System Preferences> Users and Groups> Login Items.

The list of programs enabled to open when the computer starts will open. Simply highlight the unwanted element and click on the « - » sign to remove it.

12) Install one SSD memory and multiple RAM

The privileges of flash memory compared to traditional is soon said: there are no moving mechanical parts with the result that performance increases, there is less overheating, wear and life is longer.

Replacing the storage medium is not cheap and not that simple. It can be considered an extremely invasive (invasive) intervention. And it can be accompanied by an increase in RAM if the Mac model allows it.

A corollary (or if the Mac is already equipped with SSD) you can consider the idea of ​​investing a few euros in the Trim Enabler 4 app which constantly monitors the health of the memory, allows you to perform the test benchmarks and improve performance.

How to fix MS word not responding?

Microsoft Word is the most popular and the best text editor with many of the features. This is the word processor developed by Microsoft. It has a built-in spell checker, a dictionary, a dictionary and utilities to edit the article. With Microsoft Word, you can create your own formatting template. The term is called a characteristic « word art » word art, such as title, graphical effect, rotating watermark with shadow, and drawing text as a three-dimensional effect.


ms word not responding

Fix MS Word not responding windows 10

If you are okay and are trying to solve all issues related to MS Word, then you just need to note the tips and easy hacks that have been mentioned. You can just get all the unsaved data back from your MS word. Even easier troubleshooting can only get you, MS Word, to your screen back and work with it. You can easily fix Microsoft Word and fix your Mac operating system or not responding to the error in your Windows operating system. You should understand that the problem is that Microsoft Word does not respond to error due to an internal defect or Microsoft Office program can be a mistake. Typically, the MS Word Microsoft Word does not respond to a third-party application or software due to error glitch.

  • The plug-in is one of the most common reasons that really are not responding to the error MS word is generated.
  • Again, you need to check a malware activity in the virus or computer system. You can only update malware or computer with a personal laptop with the help of a virus or an anti-virus program.
  • If you are using Microsoft programs on mapped network drives if yes, then try using it with the help of other resources. You should know that whenever the map’s drive is connected or less connected to the resource or is working on a low-level computer then it may show some of the other types of error in Microsoft error when you actually use it are doing.
  • If you see that when you are working on a job or typing a document is not responding to the Microsoft Word error, then you should know that the document has failed to save what you have typed and you probably will not need to work again.

Microsoft word not responding Mac

Using different service as there is a situation when Microsoft is not responding MAC and error shows above it may be due to the pair of reasons

  • Word preferences are corrupted
  • Account profile is corrupted
  • If a program that is running in the background does not allow it to work for Mac
  • Applications are corrupted

Step to step Microsoft word not responding Mac given below:

Word Reset for Mac Preferences – It will take steps to bring attention that one tool after another will not be able to use shortcuts or changes

  • Go to the menu click at home then look for the library, if it is clicked on OS Version or above and go
  • Drag the preference folder to the desktop, in case the file does not go there next step
  • Try to start the word, in case of error there is still Yes, left the word and restore both the files to the original location and move on to the next step, if there is no error then quit the post and its default Drag one of the files to the location and the error recovers, then it is the case that the file can be corrupted in the same trash for the trash, try again
  • Exit all programs
  • Go back to Go menu, click home and look for the library

Word Reset for Mac Preferences –

It will take steps to bring attention that one tool after another will not be able to use shortcuts or changes

  • Go to the menu click at home then look for the library, if it is clicked on OS 10.7or above and goes
  • Drag the preference folder to the desktop, in case the file does not go there next step
  • Try to start the word, in case of error there is still Yes, left the word and restore both the files to the original location and move on to the next step, if there is no error then quit the post and its default Drag one of the files to the location and the error recovers, then it is the case that the file can be corrupted in the same trash for the trash, try again
  • Exit all programs
  • Go back to the Go menu, click home and look for the library, reach the version 10.7 or above, by pressing the Command Option key to select the library to hold,
  • Click the application software folder, then look for the Microsoft folder, then the Office folder and then the User Templates folder
  • Look for Normal.dotmfile, and drag the same to the desktop
  • Start Word, if the error is still there you can get help from a forum and if not exit Word and drag Normal.dotm from your desktop to trash and hence the concern will be solved.

How to Fix Roku Not Working on Youtube?

The Roku device is one of the best streaming players capable of playing 4K Ultra HD content at an affordable price. You can enjoy watching Netflix, YouTube or other online streaming content simply by connecting this device to your TV. Although the use of this device is quite easy to use, there are cases where the Roku controller does not work as expected. This is what we will face today.

How to fix the Roku controller doesn’t work

Replace the batteries

The Roku controller only works if its batteries are fully charged. In case the battery has no more power, this controller cannot be used. Try replacing the battery (it could be AA or AAA) then check if the controller will now work.

Restart the player and remote control

Sometimes some software problems can cause the remote control and the player to freeze. To check if this is what is happening right now you need to open the compartment on the back of the remote control and remove the batteries. You also need to disconnect the power cord from the Roku device, wait five seconds and reconnect it.

Re-pair the remote control

Sometimes the remote will not work because it has not been associated with the player. If this is the case, you will need to pair it again by following the steps listed below.

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control
  • Disconnect the power cord from the Roku, then wait five seconds
  • Reinsert the plug cable into the device, then wait for the splash screen to appear
  • Put the batteries back in the remote control.
  • Press and hold the pairing button located in the battery compartment for three seconds or until the pairing light on the remote control starts to flash.
  • Wait 30 seconds for the remote to establish a connection with the Roku device
  • The pairing dialog will appear on the TV screen.

Try downloading the remote app to your phone

If the controller still doesn’t work, try downloading the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This will allow you to use your phone as a controller.

Get a new Roku controller

In the event that the app downloaded to your phone works, the problem may be caused by a faulty Roku controller. The best thing to do now is to get a replacement controller. You can purchase one from the company’s website with prices starting at $ 15.


roku not working


Ways to Reinstall Norton Antivirus on Windows or Mac PC

Reinstall Norton antivirus is a good idea to keep secure your system and everybody needs to keep clean or virus free their operating machine from any kind of corrupted layers or viruses because if the malicious viruses enter on system so your system will be stopped or maybe made corrupt or can have made big issue, therefore, we said everyone needs to install or reinstall Norton antivirus on the operating machine nowadays.


reinstall norton

If your device has installed Norton antivirus already but that is gone outdated totally and you may be thinking about reinstalling Norton antivirus again but still you don’t have knowledge of how it is possible so don’t take stress too much because now the solution is available here.

Steps to uninstall the outdated version of Norton antivirus

Step- 1: Download Norton removal tool

  1. Go to the Norton manufacturer’s website.
  2. Press on the button of download now, and choose the save file option of your Windows file.
  3. Go to the desktop Window and start the .exe file program for use the Norton removal tool. The process will be launched immediately while the following download.
  4. Press on the move to the next button and take guidance whichever be showing on your system screen indicates to delete all Norton components from your operating machine.
  5. Press on the complete process button if the Norton removal tool gives you instructions that all Norton files have been deleted completely.
  6. Restart your operating machine. All Norton components will be deleted from your device now.
  7. Click the R button on your desktop screen. Now, you will see a dialog box that is showing on your system screen.
  8. Write appwiz.cpl into the dialog box area, then click the enter button.
  9. Press on the Norton component whatever you want to delete, then press on delete.
  10. Press on continue if registered account control window shows on the system screen.
  11. Apply all signs which are showing to delete Norton from your device.
  12. Choose the option which is saying to restart the device.
  13. The process will be kept going on until all Norton components will not delete what you want.

Step- 2: Now, the turn of the press the run command button

These methods are for uninstall the Norton antivirus which is gone outdated already but now we are telling you the easy steps to reinstall Norton antivirus.

Step- 1 Please restarts your device

  1. Please come out of all the files on your desktop screen.
  2. Please turn on your device again, If the issue is made the same so you must be applying another way to reinstall Norton antivirus.

Step- 2 Upload NRnr tool

  1. Upload the NRnr tool and save it on desktop immediately.
  2. Please open that file, and press the key (control + J).
  3. 2 times press on the NRnr button.
  4. Search the license statement read carefully the services and then press on acceptance.
  5. Press on the delete button and start again to install the program.
  6. Press on the continue button or delete it.
  7. Now, press on restart.

Now, your latest version of Norton antivirus will be downloaded with new updates.